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    Cabin Design

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    At St Croix Building Company, we specialize in making your dreams a reality.  When you come to us for your next cabin design, we guarantee satisfaction and promise to bypass expectations.  Your place of retreat should be one that reflects the beauty surrounding it, and our innovative and creative team will impress you each step of the way in the design process as we make that ideal a reality.  Whether you are looking for a simple haven or a grandiose hideaway, St Croix Building Company will work alongside of you in your cabin design to implement your ideas and create the cabin of your dreams.

    Contact us today at 715-491-2373 to get started designing your next retreat!

    Cabin Design

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      Your Home, Your Design

      We understand that your cabin is going to be your escape from the world, and you likely have ideas about what it should look and feel like. We will work with you to realize those dreams. We’re creating the cabin of your dreams, not ours, so we will work closely with you to make certain everything that’s on your must-have list is incorporated into the final design. Whether you want a large fireplace to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the family room or a large bay window that gives you an unmatched view, we’ll work it into the design.


      Don’t have any ideas for your cabin? That’s okay, too. We will design stunning getaways that will be as comfortable and charming as they are unique and beautiful. You have approval over the final design, of course, so you can let us know if we’re on the right track or not.


      We Stick to Your Schedule and Your Budget

      While the weather may not always cooperate, we will do everything possible to stick to your budget. Some things are out of our control, of course, but we also build in some extra time to accommodate storms and other unexpected situations. We also work within your budget to make certain you get the cabin you want without breaking the bank. Building a gorgeous cabin for you to escape the world isn’t cheap, but you don’t want a cheap building. What we do, however, is keep everything affordable. You may be surprised at the final total of your custom build.


      Have Cabin Design Questions?

      Are you wondering if we can incorporate certain designs or build in a specific area? Want to know more about our design process? Contact us today with your questions and one of our experts will get back to you soon.