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    Ready to start your home remodeling?


    St Croix Building Company is the perfect choice for your next remodeling project.  We delight in taking your old, outdated, unfinished, or damaged spaces and transforming them into either the design of your dreams or one of our own custom ideas.  Whether you’re looking for a cabin remodel, a finished basement, a kitchen project, or roof repair and beyond, we can and will deliver a timely and top of the line finished product.  As always, you are our first priority every step of the way.  We promise integrity and authenticity throughout each phase of your remodel process and guarantee to hear each request and concern you present.

     Contact us today at 715-491-2373 for all of your remodeling needs!

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      Before and After Home Remodel Pictures:

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      What Rooms Deserve a Remodel?

      Which rooms deserve a remodel and which don’t? It truly depends on you. We will help you redesign and remodel any part of your home or even your entire space. Many people remodel their kitchen or their bathrooms. These spaces include fixed appliances and other items, so they’re not as easy to rearrange as a living room or bedroom. Remodeling gives you the chance to reorganize these rooms as you want or to transform the exterior of your home, making it look like a brand new house.


      Others remodel their basement or attic, transforming it into a finished living space that they can use as another bedroom, a home office, a workout area, or simply a large space to relax and entertain. Some people decide to give one room a facelift, while others may want to actually move rooms, transforming a den into a second kitchen or taking a large closet and making it a bathroom.


      Why Home Remodeling?

      There are many reasons why you might want to remodel some or all of your home:

      • You can take a space you’ve always had a dislike for and reshape it into the room you want or need.
      • Unusable space can be transformed into a usable room.
      • You can add that necessary additional bathroom or make your kitchen/dining/living area large enough to comfortably accommodate your entire family.
      • You can make older parts of your home look brand new again.
      • Home Remodeling increases your properties value, allowing you to sell it for more.
      • The exterior of your home can be updated to give it a more modern look, bring in additional light, or provide additional outdoor entertaining areas.


      If you’re interested in home remodeling, but aren’t sure what’s possible, give us a call or fill out the contact us form above. In many cases, it’s easily possible to take your ideas and translate them into reality.