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    At St Croix Building Company, construction is our passion.  Choosing our talented crew to build you a custom home from design through fabrication guarantees that you are getting quality workmanship from conception to final product in every aspect of the building process. If you are looking for a highly skilled, capable, and knowledgeable team to construct your next home, you have come to the right place.


    Not only does St Croix Building Company guarantee quality and timely workmanship, we promise to come alongside of you in the design process.  Our desire is to fulfill your dreams and implement them into the home perfectly suited for you and yours.  We have a passion for serving our clients well, and that means listening to each request and concern presented throughout the building process.  You are our number one priority and we want to show you that by developing a quality product directly fashioned after your desires.


    As a top notch general contractor and with our proficient creative team, St Croix Building Company will do nothing but impress you.  Our attention to detail and customer first attitude will give you peace of mind and confidence in an above average completed project.  Your custom home will reflect you and will come together in a timely and budget friendly manner.  St Croix Building Company boasts a well-rounded team experienced in many levels of construction and is consequently capable of managing every challenge a building project presents.

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      Since you’re here, please browse some the projects we have completed and check out our testimonials. These homes and happy homeowners could be you!  Contact us at 715-491-2373 or simply fill out the form above (right side).  We promise to reply promptly and look forward to working with you on building your next dream home!

      Please check out the photos of our latest home construction projects.